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It is our hope that you will find connectivity in the links presented here. That these links will take you to new places, introduce you to new people, ideas, cultures. The tribal world is a fascinating place and one from which we can all learn more about ourselves and our place on this planet. It’s kept our interest for a long time and also made us more interesting.

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Tribal Trappings

Carved Plaster Walls in Saudi ArabiaWall Drawings in Saudi ArabiaWall Niche, Saudi ArabiaUS Military Grafitti, Saudi ArabiaTilework in Mosque, IranWoman in Chador, IranIranian TruckWall in Dali, ChinaLittle Girl, Shidong, ChinaHome of Dreams, Lijiang, ChinaWoman in Caodai Temple, VietnamGrafitti, VietnamTemple, Chiang Mai, ThailandRuins, Ta Prohm, Cambodia Lanterns, LaosCasa Mila, Barcelona, Spain Dali Girl, Barcelona, Spain Reflection, Barcelona Pavilion, Spain

All photographs
by Susan Stem
Copyright 2004

Antique Luzon Tribal Art Connoisseurs Org. – Great site about Philippine art and artifacts, plus a good links page Bladesign – The fascinating site of Macao designer Antonio Conceicao Junior, aka A. Cejunior, who not only designs beautiful knives/swords, but applies his prodigious talent to apparel, jewelry and graphic design.

Art of Burma – Interesting site with a good section on bronze rain/frog drums

Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource Site – Dedicated to the traditional, handmade, edged weapons of many diverse cultures worldwide, this site has a lively forum and many other helpful features

International Dunhuang Project – A site devoted to making available online the manuscripts, paintings and artifacts from Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites

International Netsuke Society – Includes information about joining their society, plus ordering journal back-issues, events, publications, a glossary and links

Tribal Art Forum – A site dedicated to tribal arts of the world, where collectors can share their passion and knowledge about these beautiful, magical objects

The Dha Research Index – This useful archive includes an index, as well as articles about the single-edged swords common throughout southeast Asia

The Vanishing Tattoo – An all-encompassing, fun site with everything you could want to know about tattoos and tattooing, including a great links page and a tattoo ‘tour’ of the world

Puppetry Traditions Around the World – Geographically-arranged links to puppets, including China, Indonesia and Viet Nam

The Thai Craft Association – Artisan-produced crafts from Thailand

Autumn Gallery – Interesting contemporary jewelry site with a good links page for tribal and ethnographic art and artifacts

Buyers Guide to Authentic Ethnic and Tribal Jewelry – Helpful site for collectors

The Center for Bead Research – Renowned bead expert Peter Francis’ original site - everything you could want to know about beads

Carol Cassidy’s Lao Textiles – Carol’s workshop, studio and gallery in Vientiane is featured here, including online shopping

Edric Ong – Edric is a well-known authority on the beautiful weavings and crafts of Sarawak. His site is a good introduction to the important work he is doing to promote and support the textile traditions of the tribal groups in Malaysian Borneo – A website for fabric (duh!) with good info on identifying and caring for fabrics

Historical Clothing – This site is a bibliography of sources for the design and construction of clothing throughout history

New England Rug Society – This active group has an informative online newsletter, links, and several virtual exhibitions, including a new gallery featuring a handsome exhibit of transport and storage bags

Sop Moei Arts – This website nicely complements their lovely shop in Chiang Mai featuring traditionally-inspired-but-modern Karen weavings and baskets, and tells their story, which is a compelling one.

Studio Naenna – Lao textile expert Patricia Cheesman's shop and studio featuring their beautiful and exclusive 'eco textiles' woven locally in silk and cotton; indigo dyeing and weaving demonstrations also available

The Thai Textile Society – This Bangkok-based textile group posts their tours, exhibitions, and other information on this site, including links pertaining to Thailand

Textile Society of America – A very useful site with an Annual Textile Bibliography available by
special order

Textile Society of Hong Kong – A good site with lots of information, links, publications, etc.

Thomas Cole Antique Rugs and Textiles – Thomas Cole specializes in collectible Central Asian and Persian tribal weavings, embroidery and textile art, and includes some wonderful old photos from these areas, articles and travelogues.

Tilleke & Gibbins – A Bangkok law firm’s wonderful collection of southeast Asian textiles with representative images online and information for private visits

Travlin' Weaver – Kathleen F. Johnson's homepage about the history and present uses of traditional textiles in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Tribal Textiles Forum – Pamela Cross’ lively, well-mannered forum for anyone interested in tribal textiles; includes museum and exhibition listings, as well as shopping, travel and book information

Tribal Textiles – The unique and incredibly useful website of Pamela Cross featuring her photogalleries from trips to China and southeast Asia, plus studies and articles, and a great bibliography

Turkotek – A non-commercial site for Turkomaniacs, with a lively forum and good links page


Arts of Asia – A leading magazine devoted to Asian art, with online archived articles and editorials, back issues and subscription information – An online journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia, which includes a forum, calendar, galleries and more

Hali Magazine – A leading publication for carpets, textiles and Islamic art, their website includes an image and auction price archive, calendar, and items for sale

Jozan Magazine – This online magazine specializes in rugs and carpets; includes a sales gallery and has a broad range of informational links including Oriental Rug Notes and Oriental Rug Directory

Orientations – For connoisseurs and collectors of Asian art, the site includes latest online issue, a dealer’s gallery, and exhibitions calendar, and very comprehensive links collection

Tribal Arts – An informative periodical with a virtual presence as well as print edition

Textile & Art Publications – This site includes their own publications which cover a broad range of sometimes esoteric subjects in the field of textiles and Asian art


Asia Books – A major Thai bookstore with a wide variety of books about Thailand and the region (see their Thailand Insight section)

DCO Books from Thailand – As the name says; English language site with order capabilities even outside Thailand

Dennis B. Marquand Oriental Rug and Textile Books – The name says it all; very good collection of books and catalogs

Hanshan Tang Books – Mainly a mail order source in London for books about Asia and Asian art, plus now have graphic art from Communist China

Oxianna Books – New and out of print books on oriental rugs and textiles; tho no book photos

River Books – Out of Thailand, this is their virtual presence and shows the large variety of their publications on the cultures and arts of SE Asia

Paragon Book Gallery – Rich source for books about Asia with search service, auction and exhibition calendar, comprehensive dealer and museum listing, and e-newsletter

Stirn-Vanham – Personal website of very adventurous couple doing research and excellent books on tribal groups in northeast India, including the Naga

The Textile Museum Shop – Features an extensive list of books available for online ordering

Tribal Art Books – The online version of Ethnographic Arts Publications with a comprehensive site search available

Vietnam Art Books – Not only books, this site has lots of information about exhibits of art and artifacts, in Viet Nam and outside, as well as cultural news

White Lotus Press – Located in Thailand, this respected press has over 15,000 titles in stock including their own translations of southeast Asian ethnographic classics, as well as new, used and rare books on the arts and cultures of this region

The 2003 Iraq War & Archaeology – A fascinating site which provides much insight into the looting of Iraq’s cultural objects from their National Museum; be sure and check out the Satire and Humor link onsite

Barbier-Mueller Museums; Geneva, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain – Great collections of tribal art and artifacts and virtual bookstore

Fashion and Textile Museum, London, UK – A new museum dedicated to contemporary fashion and textiles; founded by Zandra Rhodes

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco / de Young Museum – Featuring a strong textile collection, the de Young Museum online includes part of their collection, and has museum publications in their bookstore

Guimet Musee National Des Arts Asiatique – A lovely new museum of Asian arts in Paris with a great website that includes virtual tours of the collections

Horniman Museum – The third most important ethnographic collection in the UK; not a particularly useful website, but worth noting if in, or visiting, the UK

Jim Thompson House and Museum – This Bangkok treasure is highlighted on this site, which also includes information about Thai architecture and the collection of antiques on the premises

Museo Textil de Oaxaca – This relatively new museum has an important collection of textiles from Mexico and also mounts thoughtful exhibitions. Their location in a renovated historic building in old Oaxaca is a must-see when there.

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, England – Typological arrangement of their collections is a useful alternative to that of geography or people; includes several virtual collections, one of which is basketry

Rijksmuseum/National Museum of Ethnology – A dynamic site where you can take a virtual visit to the museum, and have access to e-publications

Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines – This site is an informative introduction to this museum, which is located in Taipei and devoted to the pre-Chinese cultures of Taiwan

Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Canada – Includes a virtual collection you can select from a
world map

The Menil Collection, Houston, TX, USA – The wonderfully idiosyncratic, personal collection of Jean and Dominique De Menil, which in addition to an impressive tribal collection has a world-class collection of twentieth century work of the modern masters; worth a special trip to Houston

The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C., USA – A great resource with ongoing exhibitions and useful publications, plus an online bookstore with internet ordering available

Tun Jugah Foundation – From Sarawak, this site tells about the activities of this educational foundation, including projects relating to preservation of traditional textile knowledge

UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Collections of art and material culture primarily from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas, including a world class betel collection; an online archive is available

The Asia Society – This US-based group’s website provides information about their activities which promote an understanding of Asia with exhibitions and publications; it also has links to other Asian sites

Asia Source – A resource of the Asia Society, this site focuses on current topics about Asian arts & culture, business & economics, policy & government, and social issues

Kammu Home Page – This site gives firsthand, basic, but helpful information about the Kammu people (also known as Khmu or Khamu), one of the tribal groups living in Laos, Viet Nam, and Thailand

SE Asian Web Resources – A links page for a US university SE Asian studies center; strong concentration on Laos; very interesting

Taoism and the Arts of China – An Art Institute of Chicago site focusing on the Taoist religion

Tribal Music Asia -Music of The Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life – - Victoria Vorreiter's site featuring film, CD, exhibitions, books and other media documenting the music and ceremonies of the Golden Triangle.


Bangkok Legacies – Eric Lim’s content-rich site shows a different side of Bangkok and Thailand- that of it’s fascinating history. He includes many informative pages and links for tourists, as well as expats who want to explore more

Hilltribe.Org – A wonderfully rich site which covers almost any area of interest pertaining to Thailand’s hilltribes; includes a Virtual Hilltribe Museum with house photos and interior panoramas, a section about their plight as immigrants in Thailand, and much more

Hilltribes of the North – A basic introduction to Thailand’s hilltribes

Jennifer Gampell – This Bangkok-based journalist does a good job of covering Thailand’s hotspots in well-written essays on a wide variety of topics

Nancy Chandler Maps – The best way to get around Bangkok and Chiang Mai is to use these maps; online they have updates, travel tips for Thailand and other helpful information, plus a shop with their unique designs on cards, etc

‘Siam Niramit’ – This world-class extravaganza is the debut production for the Ratchada Grand Theater, with one of the world’s largest stages. The show is a “journey back in time to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam”, and includes many special effects including an onstage ‘lake’

The Thai House – Homestay and cooking school north of Bangkok, owned and run by lovely Pip; travel by boat, stay in her beautiful traditional Thai house, and learn to cook healthy, fresh Thai food- Superb! – The personal and idiosyncratic website of ‘Gor’, a very smart and perceptive Thai teenager (now older) who uses it to share his love of Thailand; full of interesting information, including Thai language study, food tips, places to visit, etc.

THAILAND online – A mainly commercial site, but with all kinds of information about Thailand, including a good guide to the various hilltribes of the north (at the bottom of the site), and info about the popular, tiny town of Pai

ThaiOasis – Friends’ informative and fun website for visitors to Bangkok (and later, Chiang Mai) with an interest in quality shopping and cultural experiences, but limited time; well worth a look


40 Things To Do In Chiang Mai
– An interesting list from a local travel website

Chiang Mai Mail – Our only local English-language newspaper (weekly); Oct.23-29 2004 issue has a good article on our Sunday ‘Walking Street’, a pedestrian street fair

CityLife Magazine – The online issue of a popular local expat and tourist monthly

Dara Pirom Palace Museum – Good site about the recently-restored home of former Chiang Mai Princess Dararasmi, which is located in Mae Rim and open to the public

Frommer’s Guide to Chiang Mai – Online resource to accommodations, dining, nightlife, shopping, health & safety, and more

Life Events Shamanistic Studies – You read it here; learn to be a shaman or study other spiritual and new age subjects such as ‘Walking on Broken Glass’, all in Chiang Mai; good links page too

Lonely Planet Worldguide/Chiang Mai – Good information online; their writer, Joe Cummings lives here

Nova Jewelry Gallery and ArtLab – Great, modern jewelry at reasonable prices and a unique-for-Chiang Mai creative school teaching jewelry, photography, sculpture, painting and drawing, with daily or weeklong classes for a reasonable fee

Thai Cooking Schools in Chiang Mai – This is VirtualTourist’s current page of input from their members on good cooking classes- Thai one on!

Track of the Tiger Tours – This informative site about touring northern Thailand includes cultural insights, a table of Thai festivals, and notes on crafts, as well as information about day, adventure, and classic motorcycle tours

Tribal Museum/Chiang Mai – Looking a bit tired now, this museum is still a good introduction to the various tribal groups living in northern Thailand

Welcome to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai – The online edition of a popular local tourist magazine

World Insect Museum – This wonderful, personal collection by husband and wife insect fanatics is described on this site- well worth seeing when in Chiang Mai Mai – This seems to be a very useful site for things to see, places to stay, tours, etc.; includes VT member’s travel tips and a section called ‘Off the Beaten Path’

A C C O M M O D A T I O N S – Chiang Mai is full of guesthouses and hotels- consider these a small sampling of some we know in our favorite areas of town

Baan Orapin – On the east side of the river, down the street from the riverfront night spots, this family-owned hotel utilizes the old family home surrounded by lush gardens, for a charming small B&B accommodation in an historic area.

The Chedi – With a great location in the city on the site of the old British Consulate on the Ping River, this hotel is a modern retreat with calm vistas, clean finishes and spare, contemporary design. The rooms are beautifully appointed and comfortably elegant. Mies meets Noguchi.

Four Seasons Resort – Luxury 5 star destination resort 45 minutes north of the city, near Mae Rim, with great restaurant, rice paddy and mountain views; formerly The Regent Resort

Galare Guesthouse – On the Ping River, next to RiverView Lodge, this budget favorite is family-run and has comfortable, basic rooms, lovely garden, and good small restaurant.

Lanna Mantra – Situated north of town along the Ping River, this lovely family-run property has comfortable modern rooms in a quiet setting 15 minutes from the Night Bazaar.

Mandarin Dhara Dhevi – Chiang Mai’s most luxurious destination hotel combines design influences from northern Thailand, south China, Laos and Burma on a huge site which includes spas, a fitness center, cooking school, fine shopping and several exceptional restaurants. World Class

Rachamankha – Tucked away near Wat Phra Singh, this attractive hotel features a progression of courtyards and reception areaswhich lead into an inner core of tranquility. Rooms are ‘minimalist luxe’; also a lovely restaurant, pool and access to owners’ personal design library. High tea daily too.

Raming Lodge – Well-located on Loi Kroh, near the east moat, this pleasant small, relatively new highrise hotel is getting good reviews and offers good value.

RiverView Lodge – Located on our Ping River and within walking distance of the Night Bazaar; pleasant, basic rooms, lovely garden, family-run, plus nice collection of vintage autos.

Royal Princess Hotel – Located a block from the Night Bazaar, this Dusit-owned small hotel has a nice size, great location, and good restaurants (Sunday dimsum in Jasmine upstairs), at a reasonable price.

Tamarind Village – An urban oasis in the old part of town; a nice alternative to high-rise luxe, with a touch of Zen and lovely grounds.

Tharnthong Lodges – For a real getaway, this wonderfully idiosyncratic property is situated along a babbling brook in the mountains 40 minutes northeast of town. Great for families or group retreats

Upcountry Bungalows Thailand – Though not in Chiang Mai, this small, nicely-designed B&B owned by friends of ours is a good getaway from the city. Located northeast of here, halfway to Chiang Rai, it is in a little-touristed area, but Nuna can guide you to the magic and mystery of northern Thailand.

Yaang Come Village – Great location behind Whole Earth restaurant and surrounded by trees this lovely lowrise hotel is inspired by cultures past and features well-appointed rooms with all modern conveniences.

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie – THE sartorial ‘must’ for the 21st century; don’t miss their links

Chang Jiang Collective - Yes, Virgina, you can still buy a new WWII BMW motorcycle with a sidecar

The DADA Server – Dada lives! Check out the games and exhibitions, and be sure to get a personalized ‘reading’

Desert de Retz – Ronald Kenyon’s wonderful site devoted to the French folly garden by Francois Racine de Monville with a great news page, photo internet postcards, and lots of Francophilia

The Exquisite Corpse – “A Journal of Letters and Life”; Andrei Codrescu’s site of intellectual merriment and mayhem

Found – A wonderful collection of the flotsam and jetsam of life

Le Palais Ideal – Another favorite idiosyncratic environment, but in Hautrives, France

Madagascar Institute – Urban guerrilla art group with a large repertoire of art events around the world; some of their members participated in TV’s Junkyard Wars

Mark Fiore – Master of the animated political cartoon; sign up for his new cartoon

The Orange Show – My alltime favorite idiosyncratic environment and another good reason for a trip to Houston

PostSecret – A fascinating, thought-provoking site that is an ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard

‘tout-fait’ - The first academic journal in electronic format devoted to The Man (Marcel Duchamp) and his peers. Vive Marcel et Rrose!

Toyshop Collective – This is where we used to see what our daughter was up to; collections of photos of art antics in NYC and links to other unorthodox and irreverent art sites

Vectorpark – cool, interactive computer animation site

Watts Towers – My second most favorite idiosyncratic environment

Wooster Collective – “A celebration of street art” That says it all

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